This years trip was very different to any that preceded it. This year we were part of history being made in such a way that our Lord was mightily glorified. This year, 

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The year's team proved to be a great group of people and we had a very productive time in Ovamboland. The team consisted of:


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The team for this year’s trip was really small, it ended up with just my wife Muriel and myself.
The trip northwards was, as always, a long one, but it was a pleasant drive and without any serious problems – one flat tyre was the only hiccup.
We stayed at Nakambale as usual and it was great to reacquaint with Maggie who looks after the Museum and Rest Camp.


We spent a total of four days in Ondangwa and during that time we accomplished a great deal which needs to be divided into four areas:

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Team Leader’s Report

A smaller than normal team of 14 members made the long trip northwards to Ondangwa. The purpose of the mission was much more focussed than previous years. We wanted to specifically pick up from where Tish had left off with the training of the lady leadership and build some playground equipment for the play schools that Tish had envisaged.

The team did not travel together as some were already in Namibia before mission and some needed to visit Outjo to meet with the team behind the training that the play school ladies had done. By Monday 30 June we had all arrived at Nakambale Rest Camp, welcomed by fasithful Maggie as usual.

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Team Leader’s Report

The team for this year consisted of a very balanced group in almost every respect. There were 8 men and 8 ladies, ranging from 16 to 73, and coming from 6 Western Cape CESA churches. Our two training days went off very well and the team was well prepared. All too quickly it was time to leave, which took place from an Engen service station in Bothasig at about 22h00 on 22 June in 3 vehicles. We met up with the fourth vehicle just past Malmesbury.

The trip to Ondangwa is a long 2200 km which we took two days to complete with a stopover at Hodygos in Okanhandja. One never really gets used to the distance and it always seems like we just cannot get there but eventually we all did and got ourselves unpacked and set up in the Nakambale Rest Camp, welcomed by Maggie as usual.

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Women’s Ministry Reportback.

lady01It was with a great sense of anticipation that the Women’s ministry team embarked on ministry this year. We had clear material, translated into Kwanyama and printed into booklet form so that each woman would have something to take home and refer to in the future when sharing the Gospel with friends and neighbours. The material “Understanding the Gospel” had been compiled by Alan Noble and translated by Denys Nande and was loosely in the form of EE2.

Our programme was jam packed with activities, both teaching and crafting were planned into our schedule and we found it worked very well.

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This was the first team trip. The main purpose of the trip was that leaders in the cape would be part of a team to be of specific help to Bishop Kalangula. Quinton van Rooyen led the team. The trip was low key and spent much time getting to know the people and the churches.


Chicken Kanime, ??, Hertha Kanime, Rev Wilhelm Jeramias, Petrus Albino, Bish Kalangula, Colin Banfield, Denys Nande, Elifas Kanime

In October of this year George van der Westhuizen and Colin Banfield attended the Grace Conference in Windhoek.

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First Missionary trip – 2003


At this time the GO Outreach (a short term mission to Franschhoek and surrounds) was functioning well but there was a need for something beyond our borders. Colin Banfield and Mike Emslie thought of extending this mission to reach out to churches in Ovamboland – based on Colin’s knowledge gleaned during the trip of 2000.

MVC-020FAn exploration team was put together of Colin Banfield, Lisa Harvey (now Craye), Tony Pitt and Jason (Colin’s son). Much of the trip was preparing the way ahead for the first main missionary trip which would take place midyear 2004. At this time Trevor Wecke and his wife were planning on going to Ovamboland as a missionary, so a meeting was held between Colin and the exploration team and the SIM leadership to discuss the needs of Ovamboland in terms of a full time missionary. The idea was that Trevor would be a curate to Bishop Kalangula under SIM. The plan for the Weckes to go to Namibia. This didn’t materialise due to a number of reasons.

The exploration trip went very well, with the petrol and camping stops planned as well as a deal made with what has since become the team campsite near Ondangwa. Many contacts were made among churches and leaders in Ovamboland, with doors opened for ministry within the Anglican and Lutheran churches as well as the CESA churches.



100 0295The steering committee – Colin Banfield (Chairman), Lisa Harvey (Personal Assistant) & Johan Dreyer – planned and organized this trip with help from some of the team. Johan Dreyer was not able to accompany us due to a prior engagement.


The main purpose of the trip was to get alongside key people in our Churches in the North Central Region of Namibia and to offer them fellowship and training in a few specific ministries. We asked the leadership in Namibia to tell us which particular ministry skills they wanted us to concentrate on and also to try and identify potential folk who we could train.

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